Sayville Reservations

Please use the calendar below to schedule your appointment. Pricing and contact information are beneath our appointment calendar.

*Please note: When purchasing or redeeming a gift card, you will be brought to the Sayville reservations page.


1 Hour Reservation
1 hour Reservation includes:

  • Plenty of time with the kitties
  • 1 Free beverage

1 Month Cafe Membership
1 Month Cafe Membership includes:

  • 10 visits to the cafe within a 1-month time
  • $50 off the Regular Price

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We do Private Events with Cats!

We offer birthday and holiday parties, as well as any other private event here with our cats!

Prices include: 2 Cat-shaped pizzas, 10 Polaroid Photos and 15% Off Retail Items.

30 People Maximum for events.

Weekend Prices
(Saturday & Sunday)
Weekday Prices
(Monday – Friday)
  • 1 Hour Event: $400
  • 2 Hour Event: $600
  • 1 Hour Event: $300
  • 2 Hour Event: $400

Contact Us

The Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe

249 West Main Street
Sayville, NY 11782

Open 7-Days
11AM – 7PM
Closed Holidays

(631) 123 45 67

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The Shabby Tabby is MOVING (a few paws down the road)

A brand new Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe

Hi!!!!  SO......The Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe is reaching the end of our 3 year building lease, and after LOTS of thought we have decided to move......about 2 blocks away.  

over 2 and a half years in the cat cafe business we have learned a TON.  We have figured out what works for you humans, our cats, and our staff - and now it's time for a fresh start

Moving is never fun, and building a business is never cheap. We hope this campaign will help us as well as keep you involved in the design and moving process. We are excited to be able to bring you along with us on this fun but scary journey! It will overall be fun and worth every struggle we face.