Cats Looking for their new Furever Home

Ben & Jerri

Ben & Jerri Hey! We're Ben (grey and white) and Jerri (tabby) !! If you like ice cream, you're definitely going to want to snatch us up. There is no doubt in my mind that we're going to melt your heart. We're a 5 month old brother and sister duo guaranteed to make your life [...]

Chuckie and Angelica

Chuckie and Angelica Hi! We're the little rugrats of the cafe, which is why we were named Chuckie and Angelica. We are so madly in love with each other its actually insane. The people at the cafe are always saying how cute it is that we love each other- but don't you love your sibling? [...]

Monkey & Gavin

Monkey & Gavin Hi! We're Monkey (3 years) and Gavin (1 year) ! We are 2 beautiful black cats and the BEST of friends. We met at the place who rescued us (Golden Paw Society) and we had a major bromance. We would be so happy to be adopted together so we can play and [...]

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