Cats Looking for their new Furever Home

Amber & Maisy

Amber & Maisy Hello There! We're Maisy (marble tabby) and Amber (all black, no teeth)! We're 6 and 5 years old. We had a house with a bunch of other animals but once our owner died, his wife brought the rest of us into the shelter. We're both calm and super sweet ladies who are [...]


Ari Hi! I'm Ari, 14 year old plump gentleman! I'm currently the oldest cat at the cafe but you wouldn't be able to tell by my agility and the fact that I'm always happily seeking out a toy. I love cuddles, being pet, and hanging out on your lap for long periods of time. I'm [...]


Bradley Hey! I'm Bradley! I'm a ten year old sweetheart who loves sleeping in the worlds strangest places. I enjoy being pet and in your face, but I also like my alone time. Please come and meet me to really see how absolutely amazing I am.

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The Shabby Tabby is MOVING (a few paws down the road)

A brand new Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe

Hi!!!!  SO......The Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe is reaching the end of our 3 year building lease, and after LOTS of thought we have decided to move......about 2 blocks away.  

over 2 and a half years in the cat cafe business we have learned a TON.  We have figured out what works for you humans, our cats, and our staff - and now it's time for a fresh start

Moving is never fun, and building a business is never cheap. We hope this campaign will help us as well as keep you involved in the design and moving process. We are excited to be able to bring you along with us on this fun but scary journey! It will overall be fun and worth every struggle we face.