Cats Looking for their new Furever Home


Darlene I'm Darlene! I'm a 10 year old beautiful grey girl who is loving life at the cafe walking around and meeting all these new people. I love being pet and sometimes I even allow you to pick me up. I would do great in any home!


Storm Hi! I'm Storm! Why storm you ask? Storm means 'letting those know when I've entered the room' and also I'm a force to be reckoned with. I have a loud mouth but I'm just trying to tell you to please PET ME! I'm 5 years old and a big smooth boy who is looking [...]


Bradley Hey! I'm Bradley! I'm a ten year old sweetheart who loves sleeping in the worlds strangest places. I enjoy being pet and in your face, but I also like my alone time. Please come and meet me to really see how absolutely amazing I am.

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