All of our wonderful cats are excited to become a member of your family and to find their ‘furever’ home. Please have a look at the different cats and schedule a time to come in and meet them. Please Contact Us on any kitty that you see available for adoption! We are proud to announce that The Shabby Tabby has had over 510 adoptions since our opening. So how does our application process work?  When you come into the cafe and fall in love with a cat, we have an application for you to fill out.  The application gathers some essential information about adopters so that our partner, Golden Paw Society, can find these cats suitable homes. The process takes anywhere from 24-48 hours. Upon an adopters approval, there is a $100 adoption fee. All cats and kittens are already spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. PLEASE NOTE: Filling out an adoption application does NOT GUARANTEE  approval. We must find the home suitable for the specific cat being applied for.


Darlene I'm Darlene! I'm a 10 year old beautiful grey girl who is loving life at the cafe walking around and meeting all these new people. I love being pet and sometimes I even allow you to pick me up. I would do great in any home!


Storm Hi! I'm Storm! Why storm you ask? Storm means 'letting those know when I've entered the room' and also I'm a force to be reckoned with. I have a loud mouth but I'm just trying to tell you to please PET ME! I'm 5 years old and a big smooth boy who is looking [...]


Bradley Hey! I'm Bradley! I'm a ten year old sweetheart who loves sleeping in the worlds strangest places. I enjoy being pet and in your face, but I also like my alone time. Please come and meet me to really see how absolutely amazing I am.


Marvin Hi! I'm Marvin! I'm a 7 month old super sweet guy who just loves everything! Are you willing to share your cat friendly meals with me? Because I'm SO in. I would love a forever home to call my own, and would do great in any home. Come meet me!


Chloe There aren't enough words to describe just how amazing this little old lady is! She wants nothing but love and a lap to call her own. Come meet this little angel and you'll instantly see what we mean!


Cora Cora is an 8 year old beauty who just made her way to the cafe, and so far she's loving it! She loves to be pet and brushed by everyone who comes by to say hello to her. She would love nothing more than to find a forever home to call her own. Cora [...]

Bert & Ernie

Bert & Ernie We're Bert and Ernie! We are a really cool chocolate brown color and really interesting fellas in general. We love being pet and we're beyond obsessed with each other. We would love nothing more than to be in a forever home together FOREVER!


Lennon Hi Everyone! I'm Lennon, a sweet and gentle 6 year old man who would love nothing more than to hangout and get loving. I also REALLY love making some biscuits on my bed, so if you want some home grown biscuits- just let me know! I'd LOVE a nice quiet home where I can [...]


Rae Why Hello there! I'm Rae, and chances are that you have already seen me because I LOVE greeting people. I absolutely LOVE attention but get a little overwhelmed easily. I really love being the center of attention, so don't be surprised if I smack another cat who's trying to gain your attention. I would [...]


Cassie Hi, I'm Cassie! I'm a sweet young girl who just loves to give love. I'm a little nervous around other cats at first, but I'm quick to acclimate. I would do great in any home.

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